We Will Dance With Mountains - Let Us Make Sanctuary

October 2020-January 2021

L I B A T I O N S   F R O M   L I V E   S E S S I O N S

Some multi-media harvests have been created out of the We Will Dance with Mountains - Let us make sanctuary live sessions.
This is a space to share these libations.

If you wish to share a libation created during or inspired by a live session, please send an uploadable file to Aerin.

Session 1 | 18 October

cian o reilly created this audio-collage from the recording of the first live session. Here's what cian shared about this libation:

I've created an offering for our sanctuary space here, a lovingly arranged condensed audio collage of the pieces of the first mountaindancing session that I will like to listen to again and again, maybe for years to come...It's mainly a remix of Bayo and Brother M, sometimes even interweaving one another as a duo! They go very well together.

Listen to the hour-long collage here.
Listen to this little extract to hear what's possible when Bayo raps over Brother M here.


Jennifer Baird
shard this work-in-progress from the two lead-in events and the first live session. The artist had this to say about the emergent painting:

Images of strange, wild beings heading into the mountains - cavorting, dancing, yearning, shedding anything fixed. Gathering as individuals to create a holding space, a cauldron......for what?....What will emerge? So I’ll be sketching and painting along the way! Here’s one in progress. Anyone want to give it a title?



And another beautiful piece by Jennifer Baird from the first live session:




Amber Samaya shared scribblings from the first session, saying:
Wrote down the leaves that I noticed falling.




Patricia Canellis Flesjø sent us this stunning photograph following the first session, saying: Deeply touched by the first encounter with all of you.



From the sketchbook of Cheryl Hsu. Along with these evocative images, Cheryl sent these words: Sharing what unfolded for me through drawing today... a transformative senseful session of letting go and letting come.



Session 2 | 1 November

"The Villains," our shared whiteboard creations:




A few words of reflection from Penélope Baquero some hours after the session on November 1st:

"I am so grateful with the emptiness i feel tonight. I feel empty of arguments. Empty of justifications for my actions or punishing thoughts for my lack of accomplishment in the world saving realm. Empty of reasons to feel only trapped in the industrial dream.

The questions we play with here let me see the many ways in which to be with all of this destruction and stay alive and creative. Loosing faith in the nation-states never felt so playful. And i do not mean it in a naive way. I mean to say that the only way i can take this work seriously is if i allow myself to be as playful as possible. Otherwise this shit gets scary: Shapeshifting? Being porous? Becoming lost? Unable to track myself down? No guru to blame? How else could i deal with this if not playfully?

I am so grateful for the emptiness i feel tonight. My loneliness is not as conducive to gratitude. But the emptiness of old constructs -as temporary as it might be- feels really great.

Yes, i second all of you who grieve the lack of physicality, the apparent reduction of our relationships to a screen. I miss you. But i also trust that what we are doing is feeding good yummy wholesome food to the consciousness that wants the good diverse life to stay alive. It is the hard-to-accept blessing of our technological society weaving method available to us. Look at us, how many are still ruminating with our weird experience this early morning?"


Jon Marro created this incredible image based on a phrase from Bayo that caught his attention.



A few lovely word collages (as well as an entire audio remastering of session 2) from our sound-wizardess, cian o reilly:

  • Re-live Lanxton's magical embodiment journey here.
  • Listen to a super-condensed collage of cian's favourite bits from session 2 that flow fairly seamlessly and give a concise blast of a session summary here. This is a 'take this instead of an energy drink' kinda thing.
  • Or listen here to our entire second mountain dance cleaned of its rough zoomy edges; for listening to again and again and again and again...

And a few more words from Kelly Golden, inspired by the broken questions:

"Nothing but gaps and broken questions, thresholds of possibility, shelf upon shelf of consideration and contemplation, and the unrelenting desire for each precipice to be leading to somewhere, a landing.

THAT is the biggest challenge--to not seek landings, foundations, solidity or certainty. And instead, rejoice in the fall, the interweaving and overlapping and never stopping of it all, the enmeshment with shapeshifting space.

All questions are broken. All questions are broken because answers are fluid and based in individual perspective, which is rarely ever shared in their specificity. When answers are illusions, the desire for liberation makes answers the obstacle. In some languages, illusion is synonymous with the word "Magic." Is it possible that the answers are not the problem at all, but rather its our desire for answers to be comprehensive and changeless rather than tricksters themselves?

My broken questions are these: Do we want liberation so much that we are actively and willingly disregarding the magic of seeking answers? Are we so bound to our unbinding that we are overlooking the very tools that are right here?  How can we see more through our limited lenses? How can we unite our not knowing with our desire to know and see what magic (answers) emerge?

Can we remember (and be reminded) that answers (magic) and questions are not static? And that answers aren't "wrong", only temporary, changeable, and not dependable. Answers might be spells of movement rather than fixed positions, stepping stones in the gap, landing pads that will inevitably crumble beneath our feet, but for a moment they provide perspective and re-calibration, the opportunity to dislodge from our panic, and anchor into our integrity. Providing for us the opportunities to fall again and again, from magic to magic, from answer to answer. Learning, crumbling, questioning, expanding and spell casting all the way..."

Session 3 | 15 November

A collage by Elisha MacMillan from the third live session. Accompanied by these words:

"A libation for anyone who as a child felt alien, monstrous, alone, humiliated, ashamed, unloved, unloveable... a pool of water rises from the depths of Earth, a place to play, feel held and loved."



Here are some monsters that practice shapeshifting in  a very homemade/low tech way. Created by Annabelle Berrios.



The objects that called to Toni Lopez Krause for the alien Making Together exercise; they ended up preferring to express Toni's integration of Bayo's talk instead:



"I made this felt with needle on wool during and after the session. At first it was going to be my usual defined figure magical space but the wool and the colors wanted to stay fluid. Two names came for it: 'a container for a dream' and 'sick human body secretion'. Are they different places to be in? This is the kind of weird stuff that happens with the way Bayo uses words and with the way brave weirdoes seem to gather around the wordiness... " - Penelope Baquero




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