We Will Dance With Mountains - Into the Cracks!


Some multi-media harvests have been created out of the We Will Dance with Mountains: Into the Cracks! live sessions.
This is a space to share these libations.

If you wish to share a libation created during or inspired by a live session, please send an uploadable file to Aerin.

WWDWM V - Live Session Playlist

The playlist from live sessions can be found right here. This list may include songs that were or were not actually played during the live session; but all were selected with the spirit of this course in mind.

Session 1 | 12 September


april's notes
- april griefsong



Safety and trust as a crack.
- Simone Johnson



This is a co-creation.
- Laura Cook



Foot bath water.
- Susan Barney



Godhunt (audio recording of a reflections on session 1 post).
- Craig Slee



Weaving into crooks and crannies. Canyon Blanco Utuado, Puerto Rico.
- Karen Langevin



My foot water in the cracks below. Growing downwards... “descendance.”
- Kay



Faliin to Earth (a song inspired by session 1).
- Rob Howarth



Death is Safe.
- Jeannine Tidwell



Emi's toes.
- Emi Tanaka

This photo was accompanied by these words (rough translation from Portuguese):
“Humanity will learn to deal with water when it has learned to deal with sacrifice, renunciation and surrender. To handle water well, we need to have a relationship with it beyond what we naturally have. Water, among the Kingdoms, is one of the most sacrificed, it is one of the most renounced. For it renounces the wonders it could do, renounces what could be, to be able to serve humans in the simplest things, in the most rustic things." - Trigueirinho



"Notes" from session 1.
- Emma Julaud

Session 2 | 26 September


Dear cleaned feet; cracking, zigzaging dancing people in the mycelium soup
invaded by ants and other monsters flirting with the mountain... here are my notes of our session 2.
Painted on an old hand fires clay tile.
- Azul Thomé



A fugitive tale inspired by Irina's dream.
- Fabrice Dubosc



Something is seeping out. A spillage oozing from the cracks and watering the cracks, widening them in its overflowing.
- Yasmine Yu



A Poem for When Things Don’t Go As Planned
- Julie Johnson

has the plan fractured?

quick! freeze!

then fold in two,
fold in two again

become origami,
bend into any shape,
you decide:
-a star?
-a heart?
-a dragon on a bike?

go globular! pixilate!
just split! into 8-bit!

here’s a chance to
swim small
within the larger static

go! leap in!
lurch into this frothy, teeming
of the pause, unpaused…

the glitch has been pitched!
so hit that switch!
switch that click!

here you can turn yourself off
and back on again,


and carry on hand-holding
The Plan, the same as before,
and also totally different.



Presenting an image of free me! (Drawn as part of the tracing ourselves exercise in Session 2 led by Geci.)
- Lorena Gaibor




The Slave Ship became the Shore.......
- Annabelle Potvin



Cueva de las Manos (mentioned by Bayo in the second session).
This portal into deep time in Patagonia that stopped me in my tracks when I met it.
Suspended, mid-time, mid-place. No other piece of art has met me like this.
And sometimes, it still comes for a visit.
In a perspective of 9000 years, why am I here?
- Evelin Grauen



'Moon Meets the Sun' - A song by Our Native Daughters that felt resonant with the course and live session II.
- Molly Brown


Disturbing the flatness of mode.
- Catarina Fontura

Session 3 | 10 October

Just one kaleidoscopic view of our family of Abayomis.




Orientation Shaping

Cloth into meaning

A Black mother of Black sons

My Monsters play peekaboo

My Vulture eyes see what needs to be picked over

I see new Cracks

I see a desire to close these Cracks QUICKLY

Today the Cracks are my salvation

Today the Cracks are my Resurrection

Today the CRACKS are a place

to breathe

to feel anger

to allow for grief

- Gina LaRoche



Maybe the world is also seeking us, as we seek it...
- Sofia Smith Hale



Yamantaka, the blue monster and Mahakala, the red monster, did an interpretive dance during the first Vunja Party tea time with monsters.
- Tsukina Blessing



Feeding Corpses. Listen to the audio version of live session III reflections that accompany this rendering of Abayomi here.
- Craig Slee




I re-situate in ecological possibility, hidden and in plain sight, preparing for an encounter...
- Annabelle Berríos